Handy Products for Short Trips. The Best Ones 2022

In The coming Part you will learn about the most handy Products for short trips you must have so you can easily enjoy and have some necessary things too in case of any mishap.

Travelling can be unpleasant enough with packed flights and tracking down your way in new environment. Running out of power for your cellphone or losing all track of direction in a strange city ought not be something you need to manage. From bags that can find themselves, ,these contraptions can assist with making your next trip somewhat simpler — and significantly lot more fun..

Remember First, you will get knowledge of only those items that are not very common and people don’t pay much attention to them but are also necessary for a trip in their own way.

The Most Important ones are,i.e: earphones, bags, power banks, camps, and many other things. You will get the idea of what products I am talking about. To get this kind of product at a very reasonable price,l you must go to this site: The Ocs Web Store – They have the best quality products at cheap prices.

Now moving further these are the Best Handy Products for Short Trips.

1 – Bike Mount Phone Holder Universal

Is your phone afraid of the outside world?

If so, then it’s not going to be anymore. The water-resistant bike mount holder is the escape from all of the fears. Go wherever you want and don’t ever worry about damaging your phone.

Sleek and functional holder

Why is it unique?


Made from high-quality plastic, our holders are not only made to protect your phone, but also to last. Soft lining inside the holder protects your phone from scratches.


Adjust your phone however you need to. 360 degrees rotation gives you total freedom in using all of your device’s capabilities like there’s no holder at all.


It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have. The size is perfect for devices with size: 4-6.7 inches. The optimal handlebar size: 0.8 inches. Easy to attach: just locate and lock the nut.


Our holder effortlessly overcomes a lot of problems with its smart design: waterproof, dustproof, leakproof – it’s a safe space for your device, no matter where you go.

Universal Bike Mount Phone Holder

A safe, versatile, adjustable, and durable phone holder will take the best care of your phone and relieve you from any worries about it being ruined. It’s never been simpler and more pleasant to use your phone while riding a bike.

2 – Baby Crib Backpack

One backpack. Two incredible uses.

Approved by on-the-go moms everywhere.

When it’s time to get going, there’s no room or minutes left for bulk and hassle. But when you’re taking your baby along with you on the road, it’s hard to skimp on essentials and gear for the trip or destination ahead. And when space and time are limited, you sometimes have to compromise on what to bring (and what to leave behind). With our Baby Crib Backpack, you won’t have to anymore.

A three-in-one solution.

Save space. Save time.

Diaper Bag

Store diapers, wipes, and more in the main pocket.

Bottle Bag

The front pocket features a thermal layer to keep bottles hot (or cold).

Baby Crib

No extra equipment required. Our backpack folds out completely as a sleeping space.

Quality + comfort you can rely on

It’s all in the details

Three layers of loving support

Our backpack features a triple-layer build of cationic fabric, high-density composite fiber, and breathable cotton interior lining for durability and comfort. Our triple-layer construction is waterproof, sturdy, and easy to clean.

Experience the freedom to move

With a handy built-in lock handle and carrying buckle, go hands-free anytime you need. No stress, no burden.

Adjust, zip up, and be on your way

Traditional tension buckles help you find your perfect carrying position while smooth zippers help ensure everything is securely in place.

Less stress for mom

No more needing to bring a diaper bag, thermal bag for milk and bottles, and a separate crib for trips away from home. That’s three loads of carrying (and a lot of space taken up in the car). Our Baby Crib Backpack is one multi-talented solution to carry all of that.

Compact and portable

Our backpack measures 13.4 x 16.1 in (34 x 41 cm) and weighs 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg).

Sized for sound sleep

When opened to its crib setup, your baby has 27.5in x 11.4in (70cm x 29cm) of napping space.

3 – Basketball Net

For basketball enthusiasts

Wanna add a new activity to your training list? Have been fascinated by basketball for quite some time? Then this net is for you! Install it in your backyard and begin practicing!

Standard size

Our basketball nets feature 12 loops and measure 21 inches in total length to fit all standard-sized basketball rims.

High-quality material

This 12-loop basketball net is made of highly resistant nylon thread with 15 lines x 4 wisps (=60 lines).


Cold or warm, rainy or sunny, this basketball net was designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Easy to install

Attach the 12 loops of the basketball net to the hooks on the rim and start playing.

Anti-whip technology

Our basketball net features anti-whip technology, which means it doesn’t get tangled or twisted around the rim whenever the ball goes in the hoop. The net maintains flexibility to deliver a pleasing swish sound of the perfect shot.

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