NECESSARY Accessories For Your Car To Make it Look More Appealing 2022

Following are some of the necessary accessories for your car you must get

Wireless Charger Cup Shaped

Sleek + powered for on-the-go convenience

Create the ultimate charging station right inside your car. Our Car Wireless Charger Cup lets you charge your smartphone and AirPods by connecting the cup right to your carport.

Insert to charge

With the cup powered up, you must stick your smartphone into the phone-charging slot to charge up. AirPods work similarly (just put the case into the charging port). Note that your smartphone must support wireless charging, or it will not charge. For AirPods, both wireless and traditional models will charge due to the presence of a charger plug.

More help for more power

Not wireless? Don’t worry. Our Car Wireless Charger Cup made of PC-ABS material features two USB ports so friends and family with non-wireless phones and devices can charge on the go as well. Note that USB charging cables are not included.

Fits just about any cup holder

Measuring 4.3 x 3.4 x 3.2in / 110 x 88 x 82mm (weight: 9.6 oz), our charger fits standard vehicle cup holders for a snug fit. Simply plug in the port adapter to power up the cup!

16000 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner By OWLER

16000 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Forget about using your full-sized home vacuum or spending good money cleaning your car at a service center. Tidy up your car interior in just a few minutes with a compact yet powerful Owler 16000.

Keep your vehicle clean and tidy with ease

Your key to hassle-free car cleaning

No more car mess

Get rid of dust, crumbs, sand, dog hair, and other travel garbage effortlessly in a matter of minutes.

No need to rush

With three built-in 2200 mAh batteries, this vacuum cleaner works up to 40 minutes on a full charge.

Easy on-the-go cleanup

Both on road trips or daily cross-town commutes, car cleaning becomes quick and easy with Owleys.

Enjoy a comfortable ride

Improve your driving or passenger experience – make sure your car is always comfortable and tidy.

Compact size

Owler 16000 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Get a clean car interior in minutes

One-click dust removal function

Empty the dust cup with one click to get rid of dust and debris. Keep it easy – no need to remove or disassemble anything.

Double filtration for double protection

A HEPA filter and a steel filter destroy all the irritants and allergens, and an internal dust cup keeps them securely inside.

Power that won’t disappoint you

This vacuum cleaner has two suction modes – from 6000 Pa to 16000 Pa – for battery saving and powerful cleaning.

Mini Air Purifier

Say goodbye to funky musk and stuffiness

Like a stream of fresh air (without needing to roll down your car window), our Mini Air Purifier for Car injects a gust of “oooh, ahh” into your vehicle.

Just add H2O and go

All you need to do is open up the purifier and add fresh, clean water into the water tank. Touch the power button and the mister will start to mist from a vaporizer hole.

180 degrees of freshness

Unlike traditional misters that just sit upright and spray upwards, our main body of ours swivels 180 degrees for refreshment all over. The main body sits on the carport plug like a swing.

Built to last + perform

Constructed from ABS plastic and polypropylene thermoplastic, our Mini Air Purifier for Car is a long-lasting item that is leak-free and sized to fit right into your car charger port without bulk or blockage of your maneuvering behind the wheel.

Freshen up your interior

Works wonders Add essential oils

With just one to two drops, you can invigorate your car with an uplifting, fragrant mist. Do not go beyond two drops, though, as an excess can clog the vaporizer hole.

Detoxify funky smells and odors

If you’re not a roll-your-windows-down kind of person, our mister can help you neutralize musty scents, lingering smells of take-out, questionable perfumes, and so much more.

One spare wick included

Over time, you’ll eventually need to change out the interior wick of our mister for a fresher, newer one. Your order comes with an extra wick for your convenience.

Auto-shut off to help save power

After two hours of functioning, the Mini Air Purifier for Car will turn off on its own.

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